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Wrath of Insudia
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Wrath of Insudia

Wrath of Insudia is a good game.

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It's getting closer.

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1It's getting closer. Empty It's getting closer. on Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:06 am

Wrath Of Insudia bot

Wrath Of Insudia bot
Wrath of Insudia Bot.
Wrath of Insudia Bot.
Wrath of Insudia™ Announcement/News

As the game gets closer to release, so if you want to submit a idea then get submitting.

Ideas and Suggestions.

As we are getting closer and closer to officially opening the game (Still actually got a long way to go! ) You people would love to make Ideas for the game. So here are some Guidelines on how to make you're Idea successful.

Wrath of Insudia™️ - will still be a strategy game, if you want to submit a photo of some art work of a god, or a myth or legend, then please submit on in our Ideas/suggestion forum! Smile

Here is the full Wrath of Insudia™️ FAQ.

Q: What is Wrath of Insudia?
A: Wrath of Insudia in an strategy game from International Software you are a titan fighting for the gods, the gods are looking for galaxy domination. Killing all creatures from all Galaxies and implanting their own creatures, they've already taken Earth after a conflict with the Lotaks. After the war against Earth the gods lost a-lot of there armies, they wanted power. They found a Planet called Insudia, but the Islak are not going down without a fight.

Q: When will the game be released?
A:The game will be released in 2014 hoping to be earlier then that.

Q: Will this game be on PC or Console?
A: The game will be for PC.

Q: What are the System requirements?
A: Sorry, this is unknown, we'll update this page when we know, thank you for your co-operation.

Q: Can I play Online With friends?
A: Sorry, that is still to be announced, please be patient we are only in the first week of creating the game.
(Page will be updated when we have a conclusion)

Q: Will we get a Help desk to ask for more support?
A: Yes, this will be added once the game has been completed! We'll be adding a knowledge base also to help you with your travels.

Q: Will I be able to control my armies? Like right click to move my army?
A: Of course you can, you can send down reinforcements.

Q: Am I fighting other people or an NPC?
A: You are against the A.I (NPC)

Q: How many missions will I be doing?
A: The amount of missions you will be doing is yet to be announced.

Q: Will we have to sign up before playing the game?
A: No, but if you want to connect online you need to sign up via God.weebly.com.

Q: Will there be a way on how to connect with friends and other players?
A: No, unfortunately, this is not possible, but it might be avaliable for you in the future.

Q: How much will Wrath of Insudia Cost.
A: We typically don’t provide details about pricing until the game is closer to release.

Q: What features can we expect from the single-player campaign of Wrath of Insudia
A: Players will be able to evolve their swarms with unique, campaign-only units and abilities.

Q: Will there be any expansions
A: That is yet to be announced!

Thank you for reading!

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved to Wrath of Insudia™

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